Ever wonder what happens at the learnership sign-on session?

Prospective learners often ask us what exactly happens at the learnership sign-on session, in order for them to be prepared for the day’s proceedings.  Here is all that you have to know about this very important, albeit long and cumbersome day.  Come with patience, as it is a lot of forms to complete.

For you to be registered on a formal learnership, there is a tripartite agreement which must be signed.  You must be wondering what on earth the word tripartite means? It is simply an agreement between three parties, yourself,  the SETA, and the employer.

On the day, you are told the exact details of this agreement, which includes the rights and responsibilities of all parties.  Due to this being a legal contract, you are also required to submit originally certifies copies of your ID and your matric certificate.

There is a qualified team of people who assist you in completing all of the paperwork to ensure that you are good to go with your learning journey.  In most cases, the relevant SETA representatives are also there on the day, to check that all of the discussions are valid and authentic.

On conclusion of this day, you are officially on a learnership programme and will be contacted with details of your first contact session with the training provider or the employer.  If there was anything missing in your documentation pack or if the SETA cannot register you for whatever reason, you will be informed.

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