Clients often ask us how we provide best practice solutions for disability inclusion in the workplace.  The answer is simple:  include disabled employees in the same manner as able-bodied employees, no excuses!  There are many reasons for why it CANNOT work, but let us show you the ways in which it CAN work.

  1. Recruit your learners – choose the best candidates for the job at hand
  2. Provide induction to your learners – tell them the how, what, when, where
  3. Do your admin properly – yes, all the paperwork must be done correctly
  4. Take them into the workplace – inform all parties and ensure the workplace is conducive to learning and disabilities
  5. Monitor, monitor, monitor

GP Retail Operations has made a strategic decision to roll out a group of 30 deaf learners into the workplace every year and for that purpose a full time sign language interpreter was appointed at the Academy.  Our team has this process down to a tee and it is always a privilege to watch them go through this well organised day.

Being able to provide jobs to a person who has limited opportunities is the gift that keeps on giving – and I mean a gift to the person who provides the job, not the other way around.

Disability inclusion:  it’s just what we do.

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